Transform Your Home with Personalized Mirrors

Mirrors are capable of transforming any room as well as letting us know if we’re presenting our best selves to the world each day! They also reflect light, brighten rooms and give the impression of space. Finished edges such as high polishing and beveling add to the look you are aspiring to.

For those who wish a more unique look, we offer a wide range of custom frames which will result in a mirror that reflects your taste and personality. A talented artist is also available to etch/sandblast whatever design you select onto your mirror as well.

Downsizing to a smaller dwelling? Make it feel more spacious and brighter with a wall of mirror!

We also offer a wide selection of manufactured framed mirrors from various suppliers to offer you the widest selection in the Ottawa area.

At Mirror Works we use Walker mirror, which has been manufactured in Montreal since 1942 and carries a 10 year warranty against defects. Walker Mirror is one of the most experienced stock sheet mirror manufacturers in North America. Their expertise with the double-coating process allows them to manufacture high quality mirrors featuring high resistance to scratches, mechanical aggression and abrasion. Let’s keep it Canadian when we can!!

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At Mirror Works we manufacture our own sliding closet doors to fit your space no matter what the size of your opening! We can offer you sliding, bi-fold, pivot, and barn style doors. The available options are practically endless! Choose the colour of frame or go frameless, bevel the mirrors on mirrored doors or choose a bronze or grey tint, add a track to allow more access, choose a coloured glass instead of mirrors, etc.

We use Ramtrack parts to manufacture our doors with the top track being used strictly as a guide and all the weight being carried by the bottom Teflon rollers. Now that just makes sense! For heavier doors we use ball bearing rollers to ensure long lasting, effortless operation for years to come.

We also offer the Laguna sliding glass door system from C.R. Laurence for 10-12mm sandblasted or clear tempered glass sliding doors.