Mirror Works: Whatever You Need, We’ll Make it Happen

At Mirror Works, it’s all about the glass! We provide textured/patterned glass for your cabinet doors as well as safety glass for your shower, backsplash and counter tops, etc. We can also manufacture glass tabletops to protect your furniture and fabricate custom glass furniture that you can design yourself! Bring us an idea or design and we’ll make it happen!

We carry 3mm to 10mm thick, clear and tinted glass at all times as well as 12mm to 19mm on demand for special projects. Also see our extensive list of over 50 in-stock patterns of decorative, textured glass for your cabinet doors, etc.

One of the unique advantages of glass is that it can be 100% and endlessly recycled without any loss of quality to produce more glass. In this day and age that is important to all of us!

Bevelling and Polishing

In order to give glass and mirror a professionally finished edge, Mirror Works does all polishing and beveling on site to create a product that is safe to handle and looks sleek and finished.

The water cooled polishing wheels prevent the edge of the product from overheating as it is being polished, avoiding premature blackening of the edges.


Our very talented glass artist can sandblast any design you have, whether it’s a corporate logo or a picture of your cottage…it can be done!

Bring us your design and we’ll be happy to make it happen!


Mirror Works also offers various types of film such as Solar Control Window Films, Solar Protection & Privacy Films, Magnum Safety and Security Films and Glass Enhancement Film. The design options are limitless!