Safety Glass and Sealed Units

Safety Glass and Sealed Units

Mirror Works offers various types of film such as Solar Control Window Films, Solar Protection and Privacy Films, Magnum Safety and Security Films and Glass Enhancement Film. The design options are limitless!

Safety Glass
Mirror Works offers several types of safety glass to meet your needs such as:

used in patio doors, backsplashes, showers, outdoor tabletops, vanity tops, interiors/exterior doors and railings, indoor/outdoor glass furniture, fireplace glass replacement, shelving, etc.

used in office partitions, entrance doors and other commercial applications.

Safety Film
used in many applications to ensure the glass stays put even if it does break.

used in applications that call for extra security. This glass is reinforced with wire to offer enhanced protection in areas prone to break-ins.

also known as Robax and used to replace woodstove/fireplace glass.

Sealed Units/Thermopane Replacements

Are fogged up windows getting you down, robbing you of heat you’ve paid dearly for? Mirror Works can replace them for you. We offer various options such as Low E, Argon Gas, a 10 year warranty on seal failure, privacy glass, and security.

Give us a call and we can give you a budget price by phone or email!